Scholarly Research Excellence

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

International Scientific Committee and Editorial Review Board on Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

sub-design institute
Nuclear Power Institute of China, China
vortex induced vibration, limit cycle, LES, CFD, FEM,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ulsan College, KR
wall pressure fluctuation, boundary layer flow, transition, turbulent flow, axisymmetric body, flow noise,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Pusan National University, KR
darrieus wind turbine, VAWT, NACA airfoil, performance,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Mosul, Iraq
ultrasonic welding, vibration amplitude, welding force, weld strength,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Universitatea Dunărea de jos Galaţi, Romania
finite difference method, natural convection, porous medium, scale analysis, thermal stratification,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ecole Militaire Polytechnique, Algeria
aircraft aerodynamic model, total least squares estimation, piloting the aircraft, robust control, Microsoft Flight Simulator, MQ-1 predator,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, India
CLPHP, gravity effect, start up, two-phase flow,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ohio University, United States
thermal, mechanical, composites, square tubes,
research and development department
Xi'an Microelectronics Technology Institute, China
satellite imagery classification, deep convolution network, genetic algorithm, hyper-parameter optimization,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lebanese American University, Lebanon
turbulence modeling, complex flow simulation, scale adaptive simulation, one-equation turbulence model,
Department of Engineering
Simon Fraser University, Canada
claw, dry adhesion, insects, material properties,
Department of Physics
Cadi Ayyad University/ Faculty of sciences Semlalia, MA
nano-enhanced phase change material (NEPCM), phase change material (PCM), nanoparticles, latent heat storage unit (LHSU), melting.,
Applied Mechanics Dpt.
University of Craiova, Romania
human lower limb, children orthoses, kinematic analysis, knee orthosis,
Applied Mechanics Dpt.
University of Craiova, Romania
modal dynamic analysis, oil pump, vibrations, flexible elements, frequency response,
Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology
The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait
drag reduction, laminar flow in micropipes, numerical simulation, superhyrophobic surfaces, microposts,
University School of Information and Communication Technology
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, IN
electric discharge machining, material removal rate, surface roughness, too wear rate, multi-response signal-to-noise ratio, multi response signal-to-noise ratio, optimization,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria
FRP laminates, hygrothermal aging, mechanical properties, theory of laminates,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria
bronze, friction coefficient, graphite, mass loss, polyester, steel, wear rate,
Department of Vehicle Engineering
National Taipei University of Technology, TW
plug-in hybrid power system, fuel economy, performance, continuously variable transmission,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Benbouali Hassiba University of Chlef, Algeria
EHD lubricated contacts, friction, properties of materials, tribological performance,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria
heat and mass transfer, mixed convection, poiseuille-rayleigh-benard flow, rectangular duct,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar
functionally graded piezoelectric material (FGPM), mixed-mode crack, non-local theory, Schmidt method,
Department of Electrical Engineering
Guangdong Ocean University, China
flare stack, thermal radiation, safety assessment, noise,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
mobile robot, trajectory tracking, Lyapunov, stability,
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, United States
biorobotics, rehabilitation, robotic assistive device, exoskeleton, nonlinear control,
Department of Electronics
Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan
tracked robot, rescue robot, blade arm, crawling ability, control system,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Nara College, Japan
tungsten carbide, recycle process, compression test, powder metallurgy, anti-wear ability,
Department of Engineering
Aarhus University , Denmark
flexible manipulator, transfer matrix method, linearization, finite segment method,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan Branch, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
carbon nanotubes, vibration control, piezoelectric layers, elastic foundation,
School of Engineering
University of Tabriz, IR
underactuated system, biped robot, fuzzy control, partial feedback linearization,