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Flame Stability and Structure of Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Fired Inverse Diffusion Flame with Hydrogen Enrichment
The present project was conducted with the circumferential-fuel-jets inverse diffusion flame (CIDF) burner burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) enriched with 50% of hydrogen fuel (H2). The range of stable operation of the CIDF burner in terms of Reynolds number (from laminar to turbulent flow regions), equivalence ratio and fuel jet velocity of LPG of the 50% H2-LPG mixed fuel was identified. Experiments were also carried out to investigate the flame structures of the LPG flame and LPG enriched H2 flame. Experimental results obtained from these two flames were compared to fully explore the influence of hydrogen addition on flame stability. Flame heights obtained by burning these two kinds of fuels at various equivalence ratios were compared and correlated with the Global Momentum Ratio (GMR).
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