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Gain Tuning Fuzzy Controller for an Optical Disk Drive
Since the driving speed and control accuracy of commercial optical disk are increasing significantly, it needs an efficient controller to monitor the track seeking and following operations of the servo system for achieving the desired data extracting response. The nonlinear behaviors of the actuator and servo system of the optical disk drive will influence the laser spot positioning. Here, the model-free fuzzy control scheme is employed to design the track seeking servo controller for a d.c. motor driving optical disk drive system. In addition, the sliding model control strategy is introduced into the fuzzy control structure to construct a 1-D adaptive fuzzy rule intelligent controller for simplifying the implementation problem and improving the control performance. The experimental results show that the steady state error of the track seeking by using this fuzzy controller can maintain within the track width (1.6 μm ). It can be used in the track seeking and track following servo control operations.
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