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Gas-Liquid Flow on Smooth and Textured Inclined Planes
Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) is one of the various methods that can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy sector. This paper focuses on the absorption of CO2 from flue gas using packed columns, whose efficiency is highly dependent on the structure of the liquid films within the column. To study the characteristics of liquid films a CFD solver, OpenFOAM is utilised to solve two-phase, isothermal film flow using the volume-of-fluid (VOF) method. The model was validated using existing experimental data and the Nusselt theory. It was found that smaller plate inclination angles, with respect to the horizontal plane, resulted in larger wetted areas on smooth plates. However, only a slight improvement in the wetted area was observed. Simulations were also performed using a ridged plate and it was observed that these surface textures significantly increase the wetted area of the plate. This was mainly attributed to the channelling effect of the ridges, which helped to oppose the surface tension forces trying to minimise the surface area. Rivulet formations on the ridged plate were also flattened out and spread across a larger proportion of the plate width.
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