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Investigation of Pre-Treatment Parameters of Rye and Triticale for Bioethanol Production
This paper presents the new results of energy plant – rye and triticale at yellow ripeness and ripe, pre-treatment in high pressure steam reactor and monosaccharide extraction. There were investigated the influence of steam pressure (20 to 22 bar), retention duration (180 to 240 s) and catalytic sulphuric acid concentration strength (0 to 0.5 %) on the pre-treatment process, contents of monosaccharides (glucose, arabinose, xylose, mannose) and undesirable by-compounds (furfural and HMF) in the reactor. The study has determined that the largest amount of monosaccharides (37.2 % of glucose, 2.7 % of arabinose, 8.4 % of xylose, and 1.3 % of mannose) was received in the rye at ripe, the samples of which were mixed with 0.5 % concentration of catalytic sulphuric acid, and hydrolysed in the reactor, where the pressure was 20 bar, whereas the reaction time – 240 s.
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