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Numerical Simulation of Flow Past an Infinite Row of Equispaced Square Cylinders Using the Multi- Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Method
In this research numerical simulations are performed, using the multi-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method, in the range 3 ≤ β = w[d] ≤ 30 at Re = 100, 200 and 300, where β the blockage ratio, w is the equispaced distance between centers of cylinders, d is the diameter of the cylinder and Re is the Reynolds number, respectively. Special attention is paid to the effect of the equispaced distance between centers of cylinders. Visualization of the vorticity contour visualization are presented for some simulation showing the flow dynamics and patterns for blockage effect. Results show that the drag and mean drag coefficients, and Strouhal number, in general, decrease with the increase of β for fixed Re. It is found that the decreasing rate of drag and mean drag coefficients and Strouhal number is more distinct in the range 3 ≤ β ≤ 15. We found that when β > 15, the blockage effect almost diminishes. Our results further indicate that the drag and mean drag coefficients, peak value of the lift coefficient, root-mean-square value of the lift and drag coefficients and the ratio between lift and drag coefficients decrease with the increase of Re. The results indicate that symmetry boundary condition have more blockage effect as compared to periodic boundary condition.
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