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Numerical Simulation of Thermo-Fluid Behavior in Wavy Microchannel Used in Microelectronic Devices
The hydrodynamic and thermal behaviors of fluid flow in wavy microchannel are investigated numerically. Effects of Reynolds number on the hydrodynamics and thermal behaviors are investigated. Three cases of Reynolds number (580, 1244, and 1910) are adopted in this study. It is found that the separation zone begin appears when Reynolds number is greater than 1910 at the endsection of the wave. Also it is found that dimensionless maximum velocity at the mid-section of the wave decreases and becomes as a turbulent behavior as Reynolds numbers increases. The maximum temperature at the center line at the mid-section of the wave increases as Reynolds number increases until it reaches the turbulent behavior when Reynolds number is equal or greater than 1244, while this behavior will be achieved at very high velocities at the end section of the wave.
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