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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Quad Tree Decomposition Based Analysis of Compressed Image Data Communication for Lossy and Lossless Using WSN},
  author    = {N. Muthukumaran and  R. Ravi},
  country   = {India},
  institution={Francis Xavier Engineering College},
  abstract  = {The Quad Tree Decomposition based performance
analysis of compressed image data communication for lossy and
lossless through wireless sensor network is presented. Images have
considerably higher storage requirement than text. While transmitting
a multimedia content there is chance of the packets being dropped
due to noise and interference. At the receiver end the packets that
carry valuable information might be damaged or lost due to noise,
interference and congestion. In order to avoid the valuable
information from being dropped various retransmission schemes have
been proposed. In this proposed scheme QTD is used. QTD is an
image segmentation method that divides the image into homogeneous
areas. In this proposed scheme involves analysis of parameters such
as compression ratio, peak signal to noise ratio, mean square error,
bits per pixel in compressed image and analysis of difficulties during
data packet communication in Wireless Sensor Networks. By
considering the above, this paper is to use the QTD to improve the
compression ratio as well as visual quality and the algorithm in
MATLAB 7.1 and NS2 Simulator software tool.
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