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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Comparison of Single Point Incremental Forming Formability between Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel},
  author    = {K. Rattanachan},
  country   = {Thailand},
  institution={King Mongkuts University of Technology North Bangkok},
  abstract  = {In sheet metal forming process, raw material
mechanical properties are important parameters. This paper is to
compare the wall’s incline angle or formability of SS 400 steel and
SUS 304 stainless steel in single point incremental forming. The two
materials are ferrous base alloyed, which have the different unit cell,
mechanical property and chemical composition. They were forming
into cone shape specimens having 100 mm diameter with different
wall’s incline angle: 90o, 75o and 60o. The investigation was
continued until the specimens formed surface facture. The
experimental result showed that the smaller the wall incline angle
higher the formability with the both materials. The formability limit
of the ferrous base alloy was approx. 60o wall’s incline angle. By
nature, SS 400 has higher formability than SUS 304. This result can
be used as the initial data in designing the single point incremental
forming parts.
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