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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Probing Anomalous WW γ and WWZ Couplings with Polarized Electron Beam at the LHeC and FCC-Ep Collider},
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  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Giresun University},
  abstract  = {We study the anomalous WWγ and WWZ couplings by
calculating total cross sections of two processes at the LHeC with
electron beam energy Ee=140 GeV and the proton beam energy Ep=7
TeV, and at the FCC-ep collider with the polarized electron beam
energy Ee=80 GeV and the proton beam energy Ep=50 TeV. At the
LHeC with electron beam polarization, we obtain the results for the
difference of upper and lower bounds as (0.975, 0.118) and (0.285,
0.009) for the anomalous (Δκγ, λγ) and (Δκz, λz) couplings,
respectively. As for FCC-ep collider, these bounds are obtained as
(1.101, 0.065) and (0.320, 0.002) at an integrated luminosity of
Lint=100 fb^-1.
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