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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Knowledge Management (KM) Practices - A Study of KM Adoption among Doctors in Kuwait},
  author    = {B. Alajmi and  L. Marouf and  A. S. Chaudhry},
  country   = {Kuwait},
  institution={Kuwait University},
  abstract  = {Knowledge management is considered as an important
factor in improving health care services. KM facilitates the transfer of
existing knowledge and the development of new knowledge in
hospitals. This paper reviews practices adopted by doctors in Kuwait
for capturing, sharing, and generating knowledge. It also discusses
the perceived impact of KM practices on performance of hospitals.
Based on a survey of 277 doctors, the study found that KM practices
among doctors in the sampled hospitals were not very effective. Little
attention was paid to the main activities that support the transfer of
expertise among doctors in hospitals. However, as predicted by
previous studies, good km practices were perceived by doctors to
have a positive impact on performance of hospitals. It was concluded
that through effective KM practices hospitals could improve the
services they provide. Documentation of best practices and capturing
of lessons learnt for re-use of knowledge could help transform the
hospitals into learning organizations.
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