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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Harmony Search-based K-Coverage Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks},
  author    = {Shaimaa M. Mohamed and  Haitham S. Hamza and  Imane A. Saroit},
  country   = {Egypt},
  institution={Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University},
  abstract  = {Many wireless sensor network applications require
K-coverage of the monitored area. In this paper, we propose a
scalable harmony search based algorithm in terms of execution
time, K-Coverage Enhancement Algorithm (KCEA), it attempts to
enhance initial coverage, and achieve the required K-coverage degree
for a specific application efficiently. Simulation results show that
the proposed algorithm achieves coverage improvement of 5.34%
compared to K-Coverage Rate Deployment (K-CRD), which achieves
1.31% when deploying one additional sensor. Moreover, the proposed
algorithm is more time efficient.
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