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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Stable Delta-Sigma Modulator with Signal Dependent Forward Path Gain for Industrial Applications},
  author    = {K. Diwakar and  K. Aanandha Saravanan and  C. Senthilpari},
  country   = {India},
  institution={Veltech University},
  abstract  = {Higher order ΔΣ Modulator (DSM) is basically an
unstable system. The approximate conditions for stability cannot be
used for the design of a DSM for industrial applications where risk is
involved. The existing second order, single stage, single bit, unity
feedback gain , discrete DSM cannot be used for the normalized full
range (-1 to +1) of an input signal since the DSM becomes unstable
when the input signal is above ±0.55. The stability is also not
guaranteed for input signals of amplitude less than ±0.55. In the
present paper, the above mentioned second order DSM is modified
with input signal dependent forward path gain. The proposed DSM is
suitable for industrial applications where one needs the digital
representation of the analog input signal, during each sampling
period. The proposed DSM can operate almost for the full range of
input signals (-0.95 to +0.95) without causing instability, assuming
that the second integrator output should not exceed the circuit supply
voltage, ±15 Volts.
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