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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Customer Satisfaction and Effective HRM Policies: Customer and Employee Satisfaction},
  author    = {S. Anastasiou and  C. Nathanailides},
  country   = {Greece},
  institution={Technological Educational Institute of West Greece},
  abstract  = {The purpose of this study is to examine the possible
link between employee and customer satisfaction. The service
provided by employees, help to build a good relationship with
customers and can help at increasing their loyalty. Published data for
job satisfaction and indicators of customer services of banks were
gathered from relevant published works which included data from
five different countries. The scores of customers and employees
satisfaction of the different published works were transformed and
normalized to the scale of 1 to 100. The data were analyzed and a
regression analysis of the two parameters was used to describe the
link between employee’s satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction.
Assuming that employee satisfaction has a significant influence on
customer’s service and the resulting customer satisfaction, the
reviewed data indicate that employee’s satisfaction contributes
significantly on the level of customer satisfaction in the Banking
sector. There was a significant correlation between the two
parameters (Pearson correlation R2=0.52 P<0.05). The reviewed data
indicate that published data support the hypothesis that practical
evidence link these two parameters. During the recent global
economic crisis, the financial services sector was affected severely
and job security, remuneration and recruitment of personnel of banks
was in many countries, including Greece, significantly reduced.
Nevertheless, modern organizations should always consider their
personnel as a capital, which is the driving force for success in the
future. Appropriate human resource management policies can
increase the level of job satisfaction of the personnel with positive
consequences for the level of customer’s satisfaction.
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