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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Mean Velocity Modeling of Open-Channel Flow with Submerged Rigid Vegetation},
  author    = {M. Morri and  A. Soualmia and  P. Belleudy},
  country   = {Tunisia},
  institution={University of Carthage},
  abstract  = {Vegetation affects the mean and turbulent flow
structure. It may increase flood risks and sediment transport.
Therefore, it is important to develop analytical approaches for the bed
shear stress on vegetated bed, to predict resistance caused by
vegetation. In the recent years, experimental and numerical models
have both been developed to model the effects of submerged
vegetation on open-channel flow. In this paper, different analytic
models are compared and tested using the criteria of deviation, to
explore their capacity for predicting the mean velocity and select the
suitable one that will be applied in real case of rivers. The
comparison between the measured data in vegetated flume and
simulated mean velocities indicated, a good performance, in the case
of rigid vegetation, whereas, Huthoff model shows the best
agreement with a high coefficient of determination (R2=80%) and the
smallest error in the prediction of the average velocities.
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