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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Evaluation of Model Evaluation Criterion for Software Development Effort Estimation},
  author    = {S. K. Pillai and  M. K. Jeyakumar},
  country   = {India},
  institution={Noorul Islam University},
  abstract  = {Estimation of model parameters is necessary to predict
the behavior of a system. Model parameters are estimated using
optimization criteria. Most algorithms use historical data to estimate
model parameters. The known target values (actual) and the output
produced by the model are compared. The differences between the
two form the basis to estimate the parameters. In order to compare
different models developed using the same data different criteria are
used. The data obtained for short scale projects are used here. We
consider software effort estimation problem using radial basis
function network. The accuracy comparison is made using various
existing criteria for one and two predictors. Then, we propose a new
criterion based on linear least squares for evaluation and compared
the results of one and two predictors. We have considered another
data set and evaluated prediction accuracy using the new criterion.
The new criterion is easy to comprehend compared to single statistic.
Although software effort estimation is considered, this method is
applicable for any modeling and prediction.
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