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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Acoustic Behavior of Polymer Foam Composite of Shorea leprosula after UV-Irradiation Exposure},
  author    = {Anika Zafiah M. Rus and  S. Shafizah},
  country   = {Malaysia},
  institution={universiti tun hussein onn malaysia},
  abstract  = {This study was developed to compare the behavior
and the ability of polymer foam composites towards sound absorption
test of Shorea leprosula wood (SL) of acid hydrolysis treatment with
particle size <355μm. Three different weight ratio of polyol to wood
particle has been selected which are 10wt%, 15wt% and 20wt%. The
acid hydrolysis treatment is to optimize the surface interaction of
wood particle with polymer foam matrix. In addition, the acoustic
characteristic of sound absorption coefficient (α) was determined.
Further treatment is to expose the polymer composite in UV
irradiation by using UV-Weatherometer. Polymer foam composite of
untreated Shorea leprosula particle (SL-B) with respective
percentage loading shows uniform pore structure as compared with
treated wood particle (SL-A). As the filler percentage loading in
polymer foam increases, the α value approaching 1 for both samples.
Furthermore, SL-A shows better α value at 3500-4500 frequency
absorption level (Hz), meanwhile α value for SL-B is maximum at
4000-5000 Hz. The frequencies absorption level for both SL-B and
SL-A after UV exposure was increased with the increasing of
exposure time from 0-1000 hours. It is therefore, concluded that the α
for each sound absorbing material, with or without acid hydrolysis
treatment of wood particles and it’s percentages loading in polymer
matrix effect the sound absorption behavior.
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