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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {High Accuracy ESPRIT-TLS Technique for Wind Turbine Fault Discrimination},
  author    = {Saad Chakkor and  Mostafa Baghouri and  Abderrahmane Hajraoui},
  country   = {Morocco},
  institution={Faculty of Sciences,Tetouan},
  abstract  = {ESPRIT-TLS method appears a good choice for high
resolution fault detection in induction machines. It has a very high
effectiveness in the frequency and amplitude identification.
Contrariwise, it presents a high computation complexity which
affects its implementation in real time fault diagnosis. To avoid this
problem, a Fast-ESPRIT algorithm that combined the IIR band-pass
filtering technique, the decimation technique and the original
ESPRIT-TLS method was employed to enhance extracting accurately
frequencies and their magnitudes from the wind stator current with
less computation cost. The proposed algorithm has been applied to
verify the wind turbine machine need in the implementation of an online,
fast, and proactive condition monitoring. This type of remote
and periodic maintenance provides an acceptable machine lifetime,
minimize its downtimes and maximize its productivity. The
developed technique has evaluated by computer simulations under
many fault scenarios. Study results prove the performance of Fast-
ESPRIT offering rapid and high resolution harmonics recognizing
with minimum computation time and less memory cost.
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