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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/10000789,
  title    = {Online Monitoring Rheological Property of Polymer Melt during Injection Molding},
  author    = {Chung-Chih Lin and  Chien-Liang Wu},
  country   = {Taiwan},
  institution={National Formosa University},
  abstract  = {The detection of the polymer melt state during
manufacture process is regarded as an efficient way to control the
molded part quality in advance. Online monitoring rheological
property of polymer melt during processing procedure provides an
approach to understand the melt state immediately. Rheological
property reflects the polymer melt state at different processing
parameters and is very important in injection molding process
especially. An approach that demonstrates how to calculate
rheological property of polymer melt through in-process
measurement, using injection molding as an example, is proposed in
this study. The system consists of two sensors and a data acquisition
module can process the measured data, which are used for the
calculation of rheological properties of polymer melt. The rheological
properties of polymer melt discussed in this study include shear rate
and viscosity which are investigated with respect to injection speed
and melt temperature. The results show that the effect of injection
speed on the rheological properties is apparent, especially for high
melt temperature and should be considered for precision molding
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