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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Ligand-Depended Adsorption Characteristics of Silver Nanoparticles on Activated Carbon},
  author    = {Hamza Simsir and  Nurettin Eltugral and  Selhan Karagoz},
  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Institute of Science/Karabuk University},
  abstract  = {Surface modification and functionalization has been
an important tool for scientists in order to open new frontiers in
nanoscience and nanotechnology. Desired surface characteristics for
the intended applications can be achieved with surface
In this work, the effect of water soluble ligands on the adsorption
capabilities of silver nanoparticles onto AC which was synthesized
from German beech wood was investigated. Sodium borohydride
(NaBH4) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) were used as the ligands.
Silver nanoparticles with different surface coatings have average
sizes range from 10 to 13 nm. They were synthesized in aqueous
media by reducing Ag (I) ion in the presence of ligands. These
particles displayed adsorption tendencies towards AC when they
were mixed together and shaken in distilled water.
Silver nanoparticles (NaBH4-AgNPs) reduced and stabilized by
NaBH4 adsorbed onto AC with a homogenous dispersion of
aggregates with sizes in the range of 100-400 nm. Beside, silver
nanoparticles, which were prepared in the presence of both NaBH4
and PVA (NaBH4/PVA-Ag NPs), demonstrated that NaBH4/PVA-Ag
NPs adsorbed and dispersed homogenously but, they aggregated with
larger sizes on the AC surface (range from 300 to 600 nm). In
addition, desorption resistance of Ag nanoparticles were investigated
in distilled water. According to the results AgNPs were not desorbed
on the AC surface in distilled water.
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