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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Enhancement of Rice Straw Composting Using UV Induced Mutants of Penicillium Strain},
  author    = {T. N. M. El Sebai and  A. A.Khattab and  Wafaa M. Abd-El Rahim and  H. Moawad},
  country   = {Egypt},
  institution={National Research Centre},
  abstract  = {Fungal mutant strains have produced cellulase and
xylanase enzymes, and have induced high hydrolysis with enhanced
of rice straw. The mutants were obtained by exposing Penicillium
strain to UV-light treatments. Screening and selection after treatment
with UV-light were carried out using cellulolytic and xylanolytic
clear zones method to select the hypercellulolytic and
hyperxylanolytic mutants. These mutants were evaluated for their
cellulase and xylanase enzyme production as well as their abilities for
biodegradation of rice straw. The mutant 12 UV/1 produced 306.21%
and 209.91% cellulase and xylanase, respectively, as compared with
the original wild type strain. This mutant showed high capacity of
rice straw degradation. The effectiveness of tested mutant strain and
that of wild strain was compared in relation to enhancing the
composting process of rice straw and animal manures mixture. The
results obtained showed that the compost product of inoculated
mixture with mutant strain (12 UV/1) was the best compared to the
wild strain and un-inoculated mixture. Analysis of the composted
materials showed that the characteristics of the produced compost
were close to those of the high quality standard compost. The results
obtained in the present work suggest that the combination between
rice straw and animal manure could be used for enhancing the
composting process of rice straw and particularly when applied with
fungal decomposer accelerating the composting process.
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