Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A B. R. Tapas Bapu and  K. Thanigaivelu and  A. Rajkumar
%D 2015 
%J  International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 98, 2015
%T Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks – A Survey
%V 98
%X Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have wide variety
of applications and provide limitless future potentials. Nodes in
WSNs are prone to failure due to energy depletion, hardware failure,
communication link errors, malicious attacks, and so on. Therefore,
fault tolerance is one of the critical issues in WSNs. We study how
fault tolerance is addressed in different applications of WSNs. Fault
tolerant routing is a critical task for sensor networks operating in
dynamic environments. Many routing, power management, and data
dissemination protocols have been specifically designed for WSNs
where energy awareness is an essential design issue. The focus,
however, has been given to the routing protocols which might differ
depending on the application and network architecture.

%P 504 - 509