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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {The Effects of Quality of Web-Based Applications on Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study in Commercial Banks in Jordan},
  author    = {Faisal Asad Aburub},
  country   = {Jordan},
  institution={University of Petra},
  abstract  = {Many organizations are investing in web applications
and technologies in order to be competitive, some of them could not
achieve its goals. The quality of web-based applications could play
an important role for organizations to be competitive. So the aim of
this study is to investigate the impact of quality of web-based
applications to achieve a competitive advantage. A new model has
been developed. An empirical investigation was performed on a
banking sector in Jordan to test the new model. The results show that
impact of web-based applications on competitive advantage is
significant. Finally, further work is planned to validate and evaluate
the proposed model using several domains.
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