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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {High Gain Broadband Plasmonic Slot Nano-Antenna},
  author    = {H. S. Haroyan and  V. R. Tadevosyan},
  country   = {Armenia},
  institution={Yerevan State University},
  abstract  = {High gain broadband plasmonic slot nano-antenna has
been considered. The theory of plasmonic slot nano-antenna (PSNA)
has been developed. The analytical model takes into account also the
electrical field inside the metal due to imperfectness of metal in
optical range, as well as numerical investigation based on finite
element method (FEM) has been realized. It should be mentioned that
Yagi-Uda configuration improves directivity in the plane of structure.
In contrast, in this paper the possibility of directivity improvement of
proposed PSNA in perpendicular plane of structure by using
reflection metallic surface placed under the slot in fixed distance has
been demonstrated. It is well known that a directivity improvement
brings to the antenna gain increasing. This method of diagram
improving is also well known from RF antenna design theory.
Moreover the improvement of directivity in the perpendicular plane
gives more flexibility in such application as improving the light and
atom, ion, molecule interactions by using such type of plasmonic slot
antenna. By the analogy of dipole type optical antennas the widening
of working wavelengths has been realized by using bowtie geometry
of slots, which made the antenna broadband.
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