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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A New Reliability Allocation Method Based On Fuzzy Numbers},
  author    = {Peng Li and  Chuanri Li and  Tao Li},
  country   = {China},
  institution={Beihang University},
  abstract  = {Reliability allocation is quite important during early
design and development stages for a system to apportion its specified
reliability goal to subsystems. This paper improves the reliability
fuzzy allocation method, and gives concrete processes on determining
the factor and sub-factor sets, weight sets, judgment set, and
multi-stage fuzzy evaluation. To determine the weight of factor and
sub-factor sets, the modified trapezoidal numbers are proposed to
reduce errors caused by subjective factors. To decrease the fuzziness
in fuzzy division, an approximation method based on linear
programming is employed. To compute the explicit values of fuzzy
numbers, centroid method of defuzzification is considered. An
example is provided to illustrate the application of the proposed
reliability allocation method based on fuzzy arithmetic.
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