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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Colour Image Compression Method Based On Fractal Block Coding Technique},
  author    = {Dibyendu Ghoshal and  Shimal Das},
  country   = {India},
  institution={Tripula Institute of Technology},
  abstract  = {Image compression based on fractal coding is a lossy
compression method and normally used for gray level images range
and domain blocks in rectangular shape. Fractal based digital image
compression technique provide a large compression ratio and in this
paper, it is proposed using YUV colour space and the fractal theory
which is based on iterated transformation. Fractal geometry is mainly
applied in the current study towards colour image compression
coding. These colour images possesses correlations among the colour
components and hence high compression ratio can be achieved by
exploiting all these redundancies. The proposed method utilises the
self-similarity in the colour image as well as the cross-correlations
between them. Experimental results show that the greater
compression ratio can be achieved with large domain blocks but more
trade off in image quality is good to acceptable at less than 1 bit per
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