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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects for Wastewater Treatment Plants},
  author    = {Samuel Capintero and  Ole H. Petersen},
  country   = {Spain},
  institution={Polytechnic University of Madrid},
  abstract  = {This paper examines the utilization of public-private
partnerships for the building and operation of wastewater treatment
plants. Our research focuses on risk allocation in this kind of projects.
Our analysis builds on more than hundred wastewater treatment
plants built and operated through PPP projects in Aragon (Spain).
The paper illustrates the consequences of an inadequate management
of construction risk and an unsuitable transfer of demand risk in
wastewater treatment plants. It also shows that the involvement of
many public bodies at local, regional and national level further
increases the complexity of this kind of projects and make time
delays more likely.},
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