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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Key Concepts of 5th Generation Mobile Technology},
  author    = {H. Magri and  N. Abghour and  M. Ouzzif},
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  institution={RITM Research Lab,ESTC,Hassan II University},
  abstract  = {The 5th generation of mobile networks is term used in
various research papers and projects to identify the next major phase
of mobile telecommunications standards. 5G wireless networks will
support higher peak data rate, lower latency and provide best
connections with QoS guarantees.
In this article, we discuss various promising technologies for 5G
wireless communication systems, such as IPv6 support, World Wide
Wireless Web (WWWW), Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks
Computing, cognitive radio technology and FBMC/OQAM.
This paper is organized as follows: First, we will give introduction
to 5G systems, present some goals and requirements of 5G. In the
next, basic differences between 4G and 5G are given, after we talk
about key technology innovations of 5G systems and finally we will
conclude in last Section.},
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