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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Design of CMOS CFOA Based on Pseudo Operational Transconductance Amplifier},
  author    = {Hassan Jassim Motlak},
  country   = {Iraq},
  institution={Babylon University},
  abstract  = {A novel design technique employing CMOS Current
Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA) is presented. The feature of
consumption very low power in designing pseudo-OTA is used to
decreasing the total power consumption of the proposed CFOA. This
design approach applies pseudo-OTA as input stage cascaded with
buffer stage. Moreover, the DC input offset voltage and harmonic
distortion (HD) of the proposed CFOA are very low values compared
with the conventional CMOS CFOA due to the symmetrical input
stage. P-Spice simulation results are obtained using 0.18μm MIETEC
CMOS process parameters and supply voltage of ±1.2V, 50μA
biasing current. The p-spice simulation shows excellent improvement
of the proposed CFOA over existing CMOS CFOA. Some of these
performance parameters, for example, are DC gain of 62. dB, openloop
gain bandwidth product of 108 MHz, slew rate (SR+) of
+71.2V/μS, THD of -63dB and DC consumption power (PC) of
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