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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Internal and External Validity in Experimental Economics},
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  institution={Faculty of Economics,University of Economics, Prague},
  abstract  = {Experimental economics is subject to criticism with
regards to frequently discussed the trade-off between internal and
external validity requirements, which seems to be critically flawed.
This paper evaluates incompatibility of trade-off condition and
condition of internal validity as a prerequisite for external validity. In
addition, it outlines the imprecise concept of artificiality, which is
found to be rather improving the external validity and seems to
strengthen the illusory status of external versus internal validity
tension. Internal validity is further analyzed with regards to Duhem-
Quine problem, where unpredictability argument is significantly
weakened trough application of inductivism within the illustrative
hypothetical-deductive model. Our discussion partially weakens
critical arguments related to the robustness of results in experimental
economics, if the perfectly controlled experimental environment is
secured. },
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