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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Small Scale Solar-Photovoltaic and Wind Pump-Storage Hydroelectric System for Remote Residential Applications},
  author    = {Seshi Reddy Kasu and  Florian Misoc},
  country   = {United States},
  institution={Kennesaw State University},
  abstract  = {The use of hydroelectric pump-storage system at large
scale, MW-size systems, is already widespread around the world.
Designed for large scale applications, pump-storage station can be
scaled-down for small, remote residential applications. Given the cost
and complexity associated with installing a substation further than
100 miles from the main transmission lines, a remote, independent
and self-sufficient system is by far the most feasible solution. This
article is aiming at the design of wind and solar power generating
system, by means of pumped-storage to replace the wind and /or solar
power systems with a battery bank energy storage. Wind and solar
pumped-storage power generating system can reduce the cost of
power generation system, according to the user's electricity load and
resource condition and also can ensure system reliability of power
supply. Wind and solar pumped-storage power generation system is
well suited for remote residential applications with intermittent wind
and/or solar energy. This type of power systems, installed in these
locations, could be a very good alternative, with economic benefits
and positive social effects. The advantage of pumped storage power
system, where wind power regulation is calculated, shows that a
significant smoothing of the produced power is obtained, resulting in
a power-on-demand system’s capability, concomitant to extra
economic benefits.},
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