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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Eyeball Motion Controlled Wheelchair Using IR Sensors},
  author    = {Monika Jain and  Shikhar Puri and  Shivali Unishree},
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  institution={Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology Greater Noida},
  abstract  = {This paper presents the ‘Eye Ball Motion Controlled
Wheelchair using IR Sensors’ for the elderly and differently abled
people. In this eye tracking based technology, three Proximity
Infrared (IR) sensor modules are mounted on an eye frame to trace
the movement of the iris. Since, IR sensors detect only white objects;
a unique sequence of digital bits is generated corresponding to each
eye movement. These signals are then processed via a micro
controller IC (PIC18F452) to control the motors of the wheelchair.
The potential and efficiency of previously developed rehabilitation
systems that use head motion, chin control, sip-n-puff control, voice
recognition, and EEG signals variedly have also been explored in
detail. They were found to be inconvenient as they served either
limited usability or non-affordability. After multiple regression
analyses, the proposed design was developed as a cost-effective,
flexible and stream-lined alternative for people who have trouble
adopting conventional assistive technologies.},
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