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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Addictive Use Due to Personality: Focused on Big Five Personality Traits and Game Addiction},
  author    = {Eui Jun Jeong and  Hye Rim Lee},
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  institution={Konkuk University},
  abstract  = {This study examined whether big five personality traits
affect game addiction with control of psychological, social, and
demographic factors. Specifically, using data from a survey of 789
game users in Korea, we conducted a regression analysis to see the
associations of psychological (loneliness/depression), social (activities
with family/friends), self-efficacy (game/general), gaming (daily
gaming time/perception), demographic (age/gender), and personality
traits (extraversion, neuroticism conscientiousness, agreeableness, &
openness) with the degree of game addiction. Results showed that
neuroticism increase game addiction with no effect of extraversion on
the addiction. General self-efficacy negatively affected game
addiction, whereas game self-efficacy increased the degree of game
addiction. Loneliness enhanced game addiction while depression
showed a negative effect on the addiction. Results and implications are
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