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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Statistical Analysis of Parameters Effects on Maximum Strain and Torsion Angle of FRP Honeycomb Sandwich Panels Subjected to Torsion},
  author    = {Mehdi Modabberifar and  Milad Roodi and  Ehsan Souri},
  country   = {Iran, Islamic Republic Of},
  institution={Arak University},
  abstract  = {In recent years, honeycomb fiber reinforced plastic
(FRP) sandwich panels have been increasingly used in various
industries. Low weight, low price and high mechanical strength are
the benefits of these structures. However, their mechanical properties
and behavior have not been fully explored. The objective of this
study is to conduct a combined numerical-statistical investigation of
honeycomb FRP sandwich beams subject to torsion load. In this
paper, the effect of geometric parameters of sandwich panel on
maximum shear strain in both face and core and angle of torsion in a
honeycomb FRP sandwich structures in torsion is investigated. The
effect of Parameters including core thickness, face skin thickness,
cell shape, cell size, and cell thickness on mechanical behavior of the
structure were numerically investigated. Main effects of factors were
considered in this paper and regression equations were derived.
Taguchi method was employed as experimental design and an
optimum parameter combination for the maximum structure stiffness
has been obtained. The results showed that cell size and face skin
thickness have the most significant impacts on torsion angle,
maximum shear strain in face and core.},
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