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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Polishing Machine Based on High-Pressure Water Jet},
  author    = {Mohammad A. Khasawneh},
  country   = {Jordan},
  institution={Jordan University of Science and Technology},
  abstract  = {The design of high pressure water jet based polishing
equipment and its fabrication conducted in this study is reported
herein, together with some preliminary test results for assessing its
applicability for HMA surface polishing. This study also provides
preliminary findings concerning the test variables, such as the
rotational speed, the water jet pressure, the abrasive agent used, and
the impact angel that were experimentally investigated in this study. The preliminary findings based on four trial tests (two on large
slab specimens and two on small size gyratory compacted
specimens), however, indicate that both friction and texture values
tend to increase with the polishing durations for two combinations of
pressure and rotation speed of the rotary deck. It seems that the more
polishing action the specimen is subjected to; the aggregate edges are
created such that the surface texture values are increased with the
accompanied increase in friction values. It may be of interest (but
which is outside the scope of this study) to investigate if the similar
trend exist for HMA prepared with aggregate source that is sand and
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