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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {The External Debt in the Context of Economic Growth: The Sample of Turkey},
  author    = {Ayşen Edirneligil and  Mehmet Mucuk},
  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Selcuk University},
  abstract  = {In developing countries, one of the most important
restrictions about the economic growth is the lack of national savings
which are supposed to finance the investments. In order to overcome
this restriction and achieve the higher rate of economic growth by
increasing the level of output, countries choose the external
borrowing. However, there is a dispute in the literature over the
correlation between external debt and economic growth. The aim of
this study is to examine the effects of external debt on Turkish
economic growth by using VAR analysis with the quarterly data over
the period of 2002:01-2014:04. In this respect, Johansen
Cointegration Test, Impulse- Response Function and Variance
Decomposition Tests will be used for analyses. Empirical findings
show that there is no cointegration in the long run.},
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