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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Smart Energy Consumers: An Empirical Investigation on the Intention to Adopt Innovative Consumption Behaviour},
  author    = {Cecilia Perri and  Vincenzo Corvello},
  country   = {Italy},
  institution={University of Calabria},
  abstract  = {The aim of the present study is to investigate
consumers' determinants of intention toward the adoption of Smart
Grid solutions and technologies. Ajzen's Theory of Planned
Behaviour (TPB) model is applied and tested to explain the formation
of such adoption intention. An exogenous variable, taking into
account the resistance to change of individuals, was added to the
basic model. The elicitation study allowed obtaining salient modal
beliefs, which were used, with the support of literature, to design the
questionnaire. After the screening phase, data collected from the
main survey were analysed for evaluating measurement model's
reliability and validity. Consistent with the theory, the results of
structural equation analysis revealed that attitude, subjective norm,
and perceived behavioural control positively, which affected the
adoption intention. Specifically, the variable with the highest estimate
loading factor was found to be the perceived behavioural control,
and, the most important belief related to each construct was
determined (e.g., energy saving was observed to be the most
significant belief linked with attitude). Further investigation indicated
that the added exogenous variable has a negative influence on
intention; this finding confirmed partially the hypothesis, since this
influence was indirect: such relationship was mediated by attitude.
Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.},
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