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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Preparation of Porous Metal Membrane by Thermal Annealing for Thin Film Encapsulation},
  author    = {Jaibir Sharma and  Lee JaeWung and  Merugu Srinivas and  Navab Singh},
  country   = {Singapore},
  institution={Institute of Microelectronics},
  abstract  = {This paper presents thermal annealing de-wetting
technique for the preparation of porous metal membrane for Thin
Film Encapsulation (TFE) application. Thermal annealing de-wetting
experimental results reveal that pore size formation in porous metal
membrane depend upon i.e. 1. The substrate at which metal is
deposited, 2. Melting point of metal used for porous metal cap layer
membrane formation, 3. Thickness of metal used for cap layer, 4.
Temperature used for formation of porous metal membrane. In order
to demonstrate this technique, Silver (Ag) was used as a metal for
preparation of porous metal membrane on amorphous silicon (a-Si)
and silicon oxide. The annealing of the silver thin film of various
thicknesses was performed at different temperature. Pores in porous
silver film were analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscope
(SEM). In order to check the usefulness of porous metal film for TFE
application, the porous silver film prepared on amorphous silicon (a-
Si) and silicon oxide was released using XeF2 and VHF, respectively.
Finally, guide line and structures are suggested to use this porous
membrane for robust TFE application.},
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