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  institution={Fluminense Federal University},
  abstract  = {Spacer grid assembly supporting the nuclear fuel rods
is an important concern in the design of structural components of a
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR). The spacer grid is composed by
springs and dimples which are formed from a strip sheet by means of
blanking and stamping processes. In this paper, the blanking process
and tooling parameters are evaluated by means of a 2D plane-strain
finite element model in order to evaluate the punch load and quality
of the sheared edges of Inconel 718 strips used for nuclear spacer
grids. A 3D finite element model is also proposed to predict the
tooling loads resulting from the stamping process of a preformed
Inconel 718 strip and to analyse the residual stress effects upon the
spring and dimple design geometries of a nuclear spacer grid.},
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