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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {A Middleware Management System with Supporting Holonic Modules for Reconfigurable Management System},
  author    = {Roscoe McLean and  Jared Padayachee and  Glen Bright},
  country   = {South Africa},
  institution={University of KwaZulu-Natal},
  abstract  = {There is currently a gap in the technology covering the
rapid establishment of control after a reconfiguration in a
Reconfigurable Manufacturing System. This gap involves the
detection of the factory floor state and the communication link
between the factory floor and the high-level software. In this paper, a
thin, hardware-supported Middleware Management System (MMS) is
proposed and its design and implementation are discussed. The
research found that a cost-effective localization technique can be
combined with intelligent software to speed up the ramp-up of a
reconfigured system. The MMS makes the process more intelligent,
more efficient and less time-consuming, thus supporting the
industrial implementation of the RMS paradigm.},
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