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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Nonlinear Impact Responses for a Damped Frame Supported by Nonlinear Springs with Hysteresis Using Fast FEA},
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  country   = {Japan},
  institution={Gunma University},
  abstract  = {This paper deals with nonlinear vibration analysis
using finite element method for frame structures consisting of elastic
and viscoelastic damping layers supported by multiple nonlinear
concentrated springs with hysteresis damping. The frame is supported
by four nonlinear concentrated springs near the four corners. The
restoring forces of the springs have cubic non-linearity and linear
component of the nonlinear springs has complex quantity to represent
linear hysteresis damping. The damping layer of the frame structures
has complex modulus of elasticity. Further, the discretized equations in
physical coordinate are transformed into the nonlinear ordinary
coupled differential equations using normal coordinate corresponding
to linear natural modes. Comparing shares of strain energy of the
elastic frame, the damping layer and the springs, we evaluate the
influences of the damping couplings on the linear and nonlinear impact
responses. We also investigate influences of damping changed by
stiffness of the elastic frame on the nonlinear coupling in the damped
impact responses.},
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