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@article{(International Science Index):http://waset.org/publications/10002410,
  title    = {Low NOx Combustion of Pulverized Petroleum Cokes},
  author    = {Sewon Kim and  Minjun Kwon and  Changyeop Lee},
  country   = {Korea, Republic Of},
  institution={Korea Institute of Industrial Technology},
  abstract  = {This paper is aimed to study combustion characteristics
of low NOx burner using petroleum cokes as fuel. The petroleum coke,
which is produced through the oil refining process, is an attractive fuel
in terms of its high heating value and low price. But petroleum coke is
a challenging fuel because of its low volatile content, high sulfur and
nitrogen content, which give rise to undesirable emission
characteristics and low ignitability. Therefore, the research and
development regarding the petroleum coke burner is needed for
applying this industrial system. In this study, combustion and emission
characteristics of petroleum cokes burner are experimentally
investigated in an industrial steam boiler. The low NOx burner is
designed to control fuel and air mixing to achieve staged combustion,
which, in turn reduces both flame temperature and oxygen. Air
distribution ratio of triple staged air is optimized experimentally. The
result showed that NOx concentration is lowest when overfire air is
used, and the burner function at a fuel rich condition. That is, the
burner is operated at the equivalence ratio of 1.67 and overall
equivalence ratio including overfire air is kept 0.87.},
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