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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Transient Stability Improvement in Multi-Machine System Using Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Static Var Compensator (SVC)},
  author    = {Khoshnaw Khalid Hama Saleh and  Ergun Ercelebi},
  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Gaziantep University},
  abstract  = {Increasingly complex modern power systems require
stability, especially for transient and small disturbances. Transient
stability plays a major role in stability during fault and large
disturbance. This paper compares a power system stabilizer (PSS)
and static Var compensator (SVC) to improve damping oscillation
and enhance transient stability. The effectiveness of a PSS connected
to the exciter and/or governor in damping electromechanical
oscillations of isolated synchronous generator was tested. The SVC
device is a member of the shunt FACTS (flexible alternating current
transmission system) family, utilized in power transmission systems.
The designed model was tested with a multi-machine system
consisting of four machines six bus, using MATLAB/SIMULINK
software. The results obtained indicate that SVC solutions are better
than PSS.},
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