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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Towards Incorporating Context Awareness into Business Process Management},
  author    = {Xiaohui Zhao and  Shahan Mafuz},
  country   = {Australia},
  institution={University of Canberra},
  abstract  = {Context-aware technologies provide system
applications with the awareness of environmental conditions,
customer behaviours, object movements, etc. Further, with such
capability system applications can be smart to intelligently adapt their
responses to the changing conditions. In regard to business
operations, this promises businesses that their business processes can
run more intelligently, adaptively and flexibly, and thereby either
improve customer experience, enhance reliability of service delivery,
or lower operational cost, to make the business more competitive and
sustainable. Aiming at realising such context-aware business process
management, this paper firstly explores its potential benefit, and then
identifies some gaps between the current business process
management support and the expected. In addition, some preliminary
solutions are also discussed in regard to context definition, rule-based
process execution, run-time process evolution, etc. A framework is
also presented to give a conceptual architecture of context-aware
business process management system to guide system
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