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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {The Study of the Mutual Effect of Genotype in Environment by Percent of Oil Criterion in Sunflower},
  author    = {Seyed Mohammad Nasir Mousavi and  Pasha Hejazi and  Maryam Ebrahimian Dehkordi},
  country   = {Iran, Islamic Republic Of},
  institution={Azad Islmaic Karaj},
  abstract  = {In order to study the Mutual effect of genotype ×
environment for the percent of oil index in sunflower items, an
experiment was accomplished form complete random block designs
in four iteration and was four diverse researching station comprising
Esfahan, Birjand, Sari, and Karaj. Complex variance analysis showed
that there is an important diversity between the items under
investigation. The results relevant the coefficient variation of items
Azargol and Vidoc has respectively allocated the minimum
coefficient of variations. According to the results extrapolated from
Shokla stability variance, the Items Brocar, Allison and Fabiola, are
among the stable genotypes for oil percent respectively. In the biplot
GGE, the location under investigations divided in two superenvironments,
first one comprised of locations naming Esfahan,
Karaj, and Birjand, and second one were such a location as Sari. By
this point of view, in the first super-environment, the Item Fabiola
and in the second Almanzor item was among the best items and
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