Open Science Research Excellence
%0 Journal Article
%A Eric Ho
%D 2016 
%J  International Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences
%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
%I International Science Index 109, 2016
%T Knowing Where the Learning Is a Shift from Summative to Formative Assessment
%V 109
%X Pedagogical approaches in Asia nowadays are
imported from the West. In Confucian Heritage Culture (CHC),
however, there is a dichotomy between the perceived benefits of
Western pedagogies and the real classroom practices in Chinese
societies. The success of Hong Kong students in large-scale
international assessments has proved that both the strengths of both
Western pedagogies and CHC educational approaches should be
integrated for the sake of the students. University students aim to equip themselves with employability
skills upon graduation. Formative assessments allow students to
receive detailed, positive, and timely feedback and they can identify
their strengths and weaknesses before they start working. However,
there remains a question of whether university year 1 students who
come from an examination-driven secondary education background
are ready to respond to more formative assessments. The findings show that year 1 students are less concerned about
competition in the university and more open to new teaching
approaches that will allow them to improve as professionals in their
major study areas.

%P 78 - 83