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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Power Transformer Noise, Noise Tests, and Example Test Results},
  author    = {E. Doğan and  B. Kekezoğlu},
  country   = {Turkey},
  institution={Yildiz Technical University},
  abstract  = {Voltage level must be raised in order to deliver the
produced energy to the consumption zones with less loss and less
cost. Power transformers used to raise or lower voltage are important
parts of the energy transmission system. Power transformers used in
switchgear and power generation plants stay in human's intensive
habitat zones as a result of expanding cities. Accordingly, noise
levels produced by power transformers have begun more and more
important and they have established itself as one of the research field.
In this research, the noise cause on transformers has been
investigated, it's causes has been examined and noise measurement
techniques have been introduced. Examples of transformer noise test
results are submitted and precautions to be taken were discussed for
the purpose of decreasing of the noise which will occurred by
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