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  abstract  = {The tribological test with Pin-On-Disc configuration
measures friction and wear properties in dry or lubricated sliding
surfaces of a variety of materials and coatings. Polymeric matrix
composites loaded with mineral filler were used, 1%, 3%, 10%, 30%,
and 50% mass percentage of filler, to reduce the material cost by
using mineral tailings. Using a pin-on-disc tribometer to quantify
coefficient of friction and wear resistance of the specimens. The
parameters known to performing the test were 300 rpm rotation,
normal load of 16N and duration of 33.5 minutes. The composite
with 10% mineral filler performed better, considering that the wear
resistance was good when compared to the other compositions and an
average low coefficient of friction, in the order of μ ≤ 0.15.},
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