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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Highly Conductive Polycrystalline Metallic Ring in a Magnetic Field},
  author    = {Isao Tomita},
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  institution={National Institute of Technology, Gifu College},
  abstract  = {Electrical conduction in a quasi-one-dimensional
polycrystalline metallic ring with a long electron phase coherence
length realized at low temperature is investigated. In this situation, the
wave nature of electrons is important in the ring, where the electrical
current I can be induced by a vector potential that arises from a static
magnetic field applied perpendicularly to the ring’s area. It is shown
that if the average grain size of the polycrystalline ring becomes
large (or comparable to the Fermi wavelength), the electrical current
I increases to ~I0, where I0 is a current in a disorder-free ring. The
cause of this increasing effect is examined, and this takes place if the
electron localization length in the polycrystalline potential increases
with increasing grain size, which gives rise to coherent connection
of tails of a localized electron wave function in the ring and thus
provides highly coherent electrical conduction.},
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