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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Passive Non-Prehensile Manipulation on Helix Path Based on Mechanical Intelligence},
  author    = {Abdullah Bajelan and  Adel Akbarimajd},
  country   = {Iran, Islamic Republic Of},
  institution={University of Mohaghegh Ardabili},
  abstract  = {Object manipulation techniques in robotics can be
categorized in two major groups including manipulation with grasp
and manipulation without grasp. The original aim of this paper is to
develop an object manipulation method where in addition to being
grasp-less, the manipulation task is done in a passive approach. In
this method, linear and angular positions of the object are changed
and its manipulation path is controlled. The manipulation path is a
helix track with constant radius and incline. The method presented in
this paper proposes a system which has not the actuator and the active
controller. So this system requires a passive mechanical intelligence
to convey the object from the status of the source along the specified
path to the goal state. This intelligent is created based on utilizing the
geometry of the system components. A general set up for the
components of the system is considered to satisfy the required
conditions. Then after kinematical analysis, detailed dimensions and
geometry of the mechanism is obtained. The kinematical results are
verified by simulation in ADAMS.},
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